5 Concepts GTA 6 Must Get Rid of

GTA 6 has become the ultimate dream of GTA fans. Fans have been desperately waiting for Rockstar Games to make an official announcement about the sixth installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Even though the title hasn’t been released yet, the anticipation for GTA VI is obvious among gamers.

GTA 6 has the potential to be the best game ever made, and it can redefine a positive example by omitting some bad concepts.

Here are a few things Rockstar could learn and avoid in GTA 6 before releasing the next edition.

5) Microtransactions in-game

Microtransactions, particularly Shark Cards, have produced a lot of money for GTA Online. Sadly, this has resulted in a pay-to-win situation. Everything is vastly overpriced, leading to lengthy grinds merely to complete GTA Online. By that point, it’s more like a full-time job than a game.

It’s unclear how GTA 6 will deal with online gaming features. However, gamers should not be required to pay more money than they have already paid for the game.

4) Business opportunities


Story mode players, don’t have many possibilities for making a lot of money unlike those in GTA Online. Players struggle to find a consistent source of money once they have finished all of their assignments. The next thing GTA 6 may learn is to provide a plethora of commercial opportunities in-game.

3) Highly Expensive properties

Extending games with overpriced properties is a very unnatural method. The Los Santos Golf Club, for example, is one of the most expensive resources in GTA 5. $150 million is much too much, especially considering the meager earnings of $264,500. It would take 568 weeks to pay it off entirely.

The prices for the future game should be more affordable. Players should, at the absolute least, be able to make that type of money.

2) Time waste Side quests

Side missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 The Epsilon mission entails running for several miles in the desert and wearing clothes for ten days in a row.

The Epsilon Program, for example, should not be included in GTA 6. Completing such missions will not give players a sense of accomplishment.

1) Yoga Mission

Yoga is a feature that most fans do not wish to see reappear in Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s a timed event that demands a high level of ability and precision. It is, however, completely useless because it does not boost the player’s stats.

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