Best Android Games to Play in May 2020

The month is almost near to an end and we are all still stuck indoor. This month has some decent games released and lets look at Best New Android games to Play in 2020.

5 Huntercraft

Huntecraft is a survival shooting game for Android devices where you hunt monsters and mutants infested with the post-apocalyptic world. Play as protagonist and perform various tasks like saving the survivors, defend your home, fight for territory with other players(PvP), and destroy zombies to keep progressing in-game. this is a really fun play game for Android devices.


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4 Dirt Bike Unchained

Dirt Bike Unchained is a racing game that let’s you play with some of the world’s most extreme mountain bikers, competing on the wildest mountain bike trails on the planet. This game offers spectacular control system outrageous graphics. It’s truly an outstanding racing game to play in May 2020.

3 Cybersoul evil rise

Cybersoul evil rise is a third person shooting survival action game set in sci-fi environment. You have to shoot down dangerous evil sci-fi cyborg, zombie and creatures in the game progressing forward. Unreal Engine makes the game more amazing and exciting as we levelup. It evil rise offer realistic 3D graphics and smooth gunplay.

2 Guns and spurs 2

Guns and spurs 2 is a third-person action and adventure game where you play Johnny, a lone cowboy from the wild west, who’s out for vengeance. The game is like a smaller version of RDR with many diff side missions and tasks. The game graphics are amazing as compared to previous installment. Do give it a try.


Gris is a puzzle platform game that takes you in a journey of Gris a girl lost in her own world, dealing with painful experience of life. You play as a protagonist solve puzzles move further exploring the meticulously designed world brought to life with delicate art. Overcome all the challenges in the game to discover the truth. Gris offers simple control and excellent gameplay mechanics.

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