Best Items to Explore End in Minecraft

The End is the final dimension in Minecraft that players can explore after defeating the Ender Dragon. As a result, it’s a harsh and brutal environment, complete with an unending emptiness that may kill any player. We’ll show you the 5 most useful items for exploring the End in Minecraft in this article.

1 Carved Pumpkin Helmet

A carved pumpkin is a pumpkin that has been carved into a form that can be worn or used to spawn golems. It may be constructed by cutting a pumpkin with shears and placing it somewhere in the globe. All Endermen would ignore the player if he was wearing a Carved Pumpkin.

Endermen are the most numerous mobs in the End, therefore possessing this helmet is a must.

2 Ender chest

Ender chests are a type of chest with unique contents for each player that can be opened from anywhere in the world. Players can farm whatever they want in the end and store the resources in the Ender chest for later use by bringing this chest.

Furthermore, coupling an ender chest with shulker boxes, which are commonly harvested in the End, can considerably enhance the space of an ender chest. Simply stuff the shulker boxes with the necessary things and deposit them in the ender chest.

3 Slow fall potion

Shulkers are the only other threat in the End realm outside Endermen. Preparing a countermeasure to these mobs is essential because they drop a critical component for manufacturing shulker boxes.

Outside of the levitation effect, which can cause people to fall to their deaths, Shulkers’ attacks aren’t particularly harmful. Players that use a Slow Falling potion will not take any fall damage when they land. Investing in an Elytra is also an excellent option.

4 Building Blocks

Endermen have the ability to spawn and move blocks in order to destroy your structure. To avoid this, the house should not be created with blocks that may be picked up by endermen, such as grass blocks. Instead, utilise stronger building blocks that endermen can’t move, such as any type of stone or planks.

Bring a few stacks of blocks because players will need a lot of them to create bridges between the End islands.

5 Ender Pearls

This is a vital item that players must have with them at all times while exploring the End. They can just throw an ender pearl at the surface of a block to teleport and survive while falling into the abyss.

Ender pearl may be harvested from this dimension’s continuous waves of Endermen.

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