Best War Vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

Luxury cars in GTA Online are always fun, but there are moments when gamers need something more powerful. This is where War vehicles in GTA Online come in, allowing gamers to stock up on military vehicles. 

In this article, check the Best War Vehicles in GTA Online in 2022.

1) Akula

Akula is a fully armoured attack helicopter with amazing speed and manoeuvrability. It is equipped with four armaments, a turret located on the nose, two miniguns, missile pods, and explosives. The stealth mode in Akula is a vital tool for surprise attacks and getaways because it allows the entire crew to roam about the area without being detected by hostile radars.

2) Oppressor MK2

Gta Online Oppressor Mk2

The Oppressor Mk II is a flying motorcycle/hybrid vehicle. UIT is unique in that it can travel on all terrains, including land, air, and water, and it has the ability to leave obscuring smoke trails. You can also outfit the Oppressor with machine guns or missiles, and it has incredible speed.

3) Nightshark

The HVY Nightshark is an armoured four-door SUV that was introduced with the Gunrunning update in Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s a huge and heavy armoured SUV that can survive up to four rockets from a Rocket Launcher (explodes after the fifth one). When completely upgraded and with a player inside, the Nightshark’s anti-missile capability is significantly better: it can tank up to 27 homing missiles.

Four retractable machine guns are also mounted on the vehicle. The sole disadvantage is that the windows are not bulletproof, exposing players to gunfire.

4) Insurgent Pick-Up

Insurgent Pick-Up is a Light Armored Personnel Vehicle (LAPV) that was released with the Heists Update in GTA Online. This vehicle can carry more people than a typical insurgent because it is a pick-up. It also has a Browning M2HB.50 calibre machine gun located on the roof that can be controlled by anyone in the back cabin seats.

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