Brand New Windows 11 Leaked ahead of its release

Microsoft will soon launch Windows 11, the successor of the popular Windows 10 version. The latest brand new Windows 11 leaked over the Internet a week ahead of its launch date.

Microsoft confirmed the official release of next-generation Windows 11 on June 24 via virtual event. However, all their plans are ruined now after the entire Windows 11 OS file was dumped online. First, a few screenshots were published on China’s Baidu website. Later allowing the enthusiasts to get hold of a copy of the ISO file online, with a new user interface, Start menu, a new taskbar design, and a lot more.

Windows 11 features incredible changes and borrows many elements from Windows 10X. The major change is coming to the Start menu similar to Chrome OS. It looks much more simplified without Live Tiles. You can pin apps, go to recent files or shutdown/restart your Windows quickly now.

The app icons are moved to the centre of the taskbar. They cleaned up the tray area and included a new Start button, which reveals more applications and services installed on your PC. We also have new Windows 11 boot animation and a startup welcome sound.

Windows 11 now features rounded corners, giving OS a fresh look. You can move the Start menu and the icons all back to the left-hand side of the screen. Microsoft included dark mode as well, now Windows 11 looks like a more refined version of Windows 10, but more beautiful.

As this is an early version of Windows 11, everything is not included. According to rumours, Microsoft is bringing back Windows Widgets, and also this early version appears to include some. The widgets will provide quick access to news, weather, and all other web contents. You can expect more changes to the built-in apps within Windows 11, but it is still in the early stage of development. Overall, Windows 11 look stylish and finished.

However, Windows Store does not feature any big updates yet. Maybe because this is an early build of Windows 11. But, the Windows store interface looks the same as it exists in Windows 10 right now.

At Build 2021 conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promised to “unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators” with Windows, which means the next generation will focus more on developers. 

Microsoft improved the Xbox experience in Windows 11. Xbox app is now better integrated with windows, offering Xbox Game Pass to the frontier. You can also find Xbox Game Pass games, the social Xbox network, and the Xbox store, alongside the Xbox Game Bar and the Windows Game Mode.

The Windows 11 operating systems just looks simple and beautiful. Microsoft also holds a special Windows event to reveal its next-gen OS on June 24th. The Microsoft event starts at 8.30 pm IST on June 24.

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