Five Best AFK Farms For Beginners In Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you use various blocks to create your own 3D world with virtually infinite terrain. In this nearly endless world of Minecraft, players can do numerous activities which they would like. However to obtain some kind of blocks players need to work for it.

But there is a solution, for almost every item in the game, players can create a farm. In Minecraft world there are two types of farms: automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic farms are completely automated ones whereas semi-automatic farms rely on players. In both farms, players will either have to AFK or stay near the farm to collect resources.

Here are some of the AFK farms to help beginners obtain the blocks the need without wasting much time.

5. Stone Generator

Even though stones could be easily available everywhere in the Minecraft world, having a stone farm is more efficient and accessible. As per the game mechanics, when flowing water touches flowing lava, the water turns into stone. Using same mechanics players can create stone farm.

Using an third party auto-clicker, players can stay AFK near a stone farm and still collect hundreds of cobblestones. On top of it, with the help of a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe, players can get stone blocks instead of cobblestone.

4. Creeper Farm

Creepers are one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft. Still players will need them for gunpowder. Creating your own creeper farm is possibly the safest way to get  gunpowder. This could be later used to make TNTs and fire rocks.

To maximize efficiency, players will need to stay AFK at certain distance from the farm. This is to make sure that creepers are the only mob spawning.

3. Fishing Farm

Since the roll out of the 1.16 Nether update, fishing became one of the least used mechanics in Minecraft world. However this can be helpful for players who have hours for AFKing.

These players can build a fishing farm to obtain valuable loot like nautilus shells, enchanted books, name tags, and more.

2. Villager based food farm

Villagers are arguable the most helpful mob in Minecraft. Players can turn a villager in the Minecraft world into a farmer and use him for farming crops. They can harvest crops and plant seeds.

Players can use a hopper minecart system to gather all the harvested crops from the farmers. You can also use farmer’s natural behavior to throw food at other villagers and make them collect crops.

1. Wool Farm

Wool farms are so far the cheapest to build farms in Minecraft. Even while being inexpensive to the players,  this farm is highly efficient. Wool is obtained from sheep and they eat grass to regrow their wool

When a sheep eats grass for the wool, the grass block turns into dirt. This change can be detected by an observer which could trigger the dispenser to shear the sheep.

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