Five Best Mini-Games You Need To Play On Roblox

Although this game is gaming platform said to be aimed towards children and teenagers, Roblox is game creation tool in itself which allows users to design their own games without needing to write complex code.

The game allows users to play together with friends or random peers to collaborate on building stuff or just gather and explore other user made creations. It being easy for users to create their own games and world for other players to play, that’s also why the platform is bursting at the seams with a sheer variety of free-to-play games varying from RPGs to Battle Royales.

If this sound intriguing already to you, then let’s take a look at some of the best  Roblox games you can play now.

Tower Defense Simulator

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As the name suggest, the aim of this game is to prevent enemies from invading your base by setting up defences along the path. As this game is all about interactions, you can collaborate with other players to fight together against the waves of enemies.

Beginning with two basic units – snipers and scouts – you can purchase more towers as you earn coins from winning rounds across various maps. There is also a versus mode, where players can compete against each other, either solo or in teams.

Flee the Facility

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Image Credit: A.W. Apps

Flee the Facility is one of the most thrilling game which will surely keep your heart beating insanely fast. Like the name tells us, the objective of the game is to flee from the facility you will be stranded in.

You have to work with other players- the survivors – to unlock the exit to the facility by hacking into computers littered across the building. Whereas, one of the player will be playing as the beast trying to capture all the survivors.

Be a Parkour Ninja

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The game allows you to jump with your sword slashing your opponents as you try to be the last man standing. This is basically a Battle Royale game. The game lets you build towers to have a sneak attack on your enemies.

Zombie Stories

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Image credit: PANDEMIC

Zombie Stories is a first person shooter game where your objective is to defend the waves of zombies. This game’s mechanics feels similar to Call of Duty.  The inventory also has a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from.

This Roblox shooter comes with a variety of game modes, including a story mode and an arcade mode. The arcade mode lets you choose from four different classes, ranging from scout to medic, pitting you against rampaging zombies overrunning your base.


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This game is as close as Roblox games are going to get to Grand Theft Auto V. In this game you get to choose between one of two roles: Police Officer or Criminal. If you choose the latter part you will be running and hiding from the whole police force trying to get you back into the jail.

On the other had if you chose to be on the police side you will be armed with a pistol, taser, and a set of cuffs to control the prisoners. In case the prisoners successfully escape, the game changes to become an open world. This starts a whole new event of hide and seek between the two.


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