Five reasons why GTA VI will probably not release this year

With passing time, the excitement of fans in increasing day by day. GTA fans have been anticipating official announcement from Rockstar about the next installment in GTA franchise for a long time.

As of now there is no official announcement from Rockstar Games, so fans are eyeing for leaks from sources to know about the release date.

But as thing are looking right now, GTA fans might be in for a disappointment. There are some reasons which might be pushing the release date back.

Surely there are many reasons which point release in same year and many pointing that it won’t. So here is the list of few reasons that  are the most likely to happen.

GTA Online’s Huge Success

One of the most popular games GTA V is still rocking on the top of the charts just because of its huge success with GTA Online. This is often the blamed reason by the fans for not getting GTA VI. Rockstar Games has been blamed by the fans that they are just milking the game till the end.

TTWO’s decrease in market spend

Take Two Interactive Software company which is heavily invested in games, has shown shift of massive marketing budget from 2023 to 2024, signalling that something huge has been delayed. Considering the decrease in the funds for the year 2020 its seems unlikely that GTA 6 will get announced this year.

PS5 and XBOX Series X

These two consoles are so in demand that buyers are having a hard time landing their hands on them. And in order to make the game compatible on these next gen consoles, developers surely will need more time. Also a remastered version of GTA 5 was released on these consoles. Rockstar will definitely consider maximizing profits from it.

No fancy announcement yet

It’s meaningless to announced a not entirely developed game. We all have seen the case with the most anticipated game being released with tons of glitches. At the time when their earlier game is doing well, it make zero sense to release a half developed game just to receive negative publicity.


This would be the first reason any person could think of for the delay. It’s no surprise that COVD-19 has altered a lot of plans. Surely this would impact the development times.

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