GTA Online: Unlock New Cars in The Contract Update

Cars in the GTA series have always been the most notable feature of the game. Over the years, Rockstar introduced many cars throughout the series. And, GTA Online is no exception.

The Contract, the most recent DLC for GTA Online, adds 16 new vehicles to the game. Out of which, only 11 have been added, the remaining five will be included soon in the next few weeks.

However, the vehicles do not need to be unlocked to be purchased in-game. Players can directly contact the dealership that sells them. Read this article to find out where you can get new GTA Online cars in the Contract update.

You can get eight cars in the Contract DLC from Legendary Motorsports in GTA Online. In which, only two of these are exclusive to Southern San Andreas Super Autos. The following is a list of cars and their pricing, ordered by the stores that sell them:

Cars in Legendary Motorsport-

  • Gallivanter Baller ST (SUV) – $890,000
  • Pfister Astron (SUV) – $1,580,000
  • Enus Jubilee (SUV) – $1,650,000
  • Lampadati Cinquemila (Sedan) – $1,740,000
  • Enus Deity (Sedan) – $1,845,000
  • Pegassi Ignus (Super) – $2,765,000
  • Överflöd Zeno (Super) – $2,820,000
  • Dewbauchee Champion (Super) – $2,995,000

Exclusive cars in Southern San Andreas Super Autos-

  • Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec (Off-Road) – $1,710,000
  • Bravado Buffalo STX (Muscle) – $2,150,000

The Trade Price for each car in GTA Online: The Contract DLC has its unique set of conditions. Check the trade prices of cars with details below:

  • Gallivanter Baller ST ($667,5000) – Currently unknown
  • Enus Jubilee ($1,237,500) – After fulfilling 20 Security Contracts (from the Agency) as leader, the reduced SecuroServ Trade Price for the Jubilee is unlocked.
  • Enus Deity ($1,383,750) – After fulfilling 10 Security Contracts (from the Agency) as leader, the reduced SecuroServ Trade Price for the Deity is unlocked.
  • Dewbauchee Champion ($2,246,250) – Complete the Agency’s assignment “Studio Time” as leader to unlock the Champion’s reduced SecuroServ Trade Price (as part of Dr. Dre Contract).
  • Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec ($1,282,500) – After executing 15 Security Contracts (from the Agency) as leader, the Patriot Mil-Spec receives a lower SecuroServ Trade Price.
  • Bravado Buffalo STX ($1,612,500) – After purchasing a Celebrity Solutions Agency Property, the player can get a lower SecuroServ Trade Price for the Buffalo STX. (list from sportskeeda).

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