GTA VI | Leaks You Should Not Miss 2021

It’s almost the end of the second month of 2021 and still GTA fans have been anticipating official announcement from Rockstar about the next installment in GTA franchise.

Even though there is no official announcement from Rockstar Games, fans have started picking up leaks from various sources about the GTA VI.

One of the primary leaks which surfaced recently was of Mexican actor Jorge Consejo who listed the role of his recent films one which is titled as “The Mexican” in “Grand Theft Auto VI.”

He later deleted the same from his CV. Fans bombarded him with question and the actor replied that he cannot share information because of contract stipulations which is enough evidence for the fans

Also the title as “The Mexican” can be backed by the fact that the story line will be heavily based on the Netflix series Narcos. It is about the empire created by the Lord, Pable Escobar.

The game is said to be located in the map combining Los Santos, Vice City and Liberty City. Also the game will have a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro or possibly the lines of Colombia which aligns well to the Narcos part.

A report from earlier 2020 revealed the characters and the map of GTA 6 will have a San Andreas style. An allegedly former employee revealed the names of character:

“They include a driver called Walther Wallace, a man named Thomas Branigan with a smuggling plane called “the Raven” and a drug dealer named Marcus Burke,” reports The Sun. The “former employee” also claimed, in their Reddit post, that the map will mirror that of San Andreas.

Jorge Consejo’s CV indicated that the motion capture and the storyline were done in 2018 itself. Also in the start of June 2020, Rockstar Games advertised positions for Game Testers. This could possibly mean that the game could be the later stages of development right now to make some final alterations.

A while back Rockstar Games received criticism for poor working hour and management by their ex-employees. As a result Rockstar announced that they will be going on easy now on.

This links up to one of the leak that GTA 6 will initially be smaller and then will receive updates to add up locations in the run of the game. This will be helpful to ease the work from the employees and also to keep the game interesting in the long run.

The game will supposedly feature a Brazillian location or theme for some part to be in line with the Narcos theme. Rockstar Games has already visited Brazil and gathered all the images and information to create the assets even before the global pandemic.

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