How To Bake a Cake in Minecraft

Cake is one of the most incredible items in the game of Minecraft that can be produced and consumed.  It is an edible item that may be made by players using a variety of different game components. It’s been in the game since its inception in 2011. This culinary dish can even be consumed in pieces and lit with only a single candle. 

Here’s how to bake a cake in Minecraft.

Items you need to make a cake are:

A bucket full of milk

In the game, players can also have a bucket of milk. They can fill a bucket with milk by using it on a cow, just like they can fill it with water or lava. Cows have an endless supply of milk. Players will need three buckets of milk to make a cake, which is one of the most important elements.


Wheat is a relatively easy item to come by, as it is grown on a number of village farms. Players can also drop seeds in tilled grass or soil blocks to grow them themselves. Wheat drops as an item when players harvest it, and it can be picked up. This will necessitate the use of three wheat grains.


Sugar can be made in a variety of ways, but the most straightforward is to convert sugarcane plants into sugar. Sugarcane plants can be found growing near any source of water.

It can be found near ocean beaches, riverbanks, and other waterways. Sugar is produced simply by placing the sugarcane in a crafting slot. For this dish, players will need two sugar.


Between 5 and 10 minutes, chickens can drop eggs at random. The players must wait for the hens to drop them, which can take a long time. If players have a chicken farm, they won’t have to wait as long. For this recipe, only one egg is required.

How to bake a cake

When you have all of these items, start building a cake by horizontally placing three milk buckets at the top of the crafting slot, two sugars on either side of one egg in the center column, and three wheat in the bottom column. This will result in a cake. The buckets will remain in the crafting slot after crafting, but they will be empty.

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