How To Play GTA V on Android Phone FREE (Working)

Grand theft Auto 5 has been around for 8 years and the popularity of the game is still at its peak. This open-world action game is one the most successful games of the franchise with a lot of missions, actions, vehicles and three different character gameplay.

The title dominated the PC/Console platform and broke several records since the release (17th September 2013). This was the first game from the iconic series that had three protagonists Franklin, Michael and Trevor. The massive popularity of GTA 5 has made GTA enthusiast crave to play it on their mobile devices.

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Can you play it on your Android Devices? YES! Though there are few conditions. GTA V is a huge game with high graphics and file size hence the official mobile version of the game might not be available now. But, Here’s how you can Download & Enjoy GTA 5 on your Android Device. Follow the steps below:

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 How To Play GTA V on Android Phone FREE (Working)

Ensure that you have GTA 5 installed on your PC.

  1. Go to Play Store or App Store and download the App called Moonlight Game Streaming.
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2. Pair your PC with mobile devices from the list available.

3.Once the process is completed. You can load the GTA V on your device which will stream on your mobile devices with build-in controllers that allow you to play the game on your phone.

4. This third-Party app streams the game on your device with controllers allowing you to experience GTA V on your Android Phone.

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