How To Raise Merits in PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile has created a benchmark being the most popular and successful games on Android and iOS devices. The constant updates and a diversity of unique options in PUBG Mobile offers exceptional gaming experience. PUBG Mobile has an enormous fanbase. Weapons, Maps and several features of the game are the other major reasons why PUBGM is loved by millions of players.

PUBG Mobiel merit system feature ensures a healthy gameplay environment among players. Merits in pubg mobile acts as a measure against Griefer; a player who deliberately irritates and harasses other players in a multiplayer game.

The merit system in PUBG Mobile has its threshold point. If a player crosses the threshold point or figure they get restricted only to solo matchmaking. The pubg mobile player starts with 100 merit points, and threshold point is 60.

There are several reasons why a player loses their merit points in-game. You lose merit points for teaming up with cheaters, the first penalty won’t be counted, later you will lose 15 merit points on every subsequent one.

How To Increase merit in PUBG Mobile

The purpose of the merit system is to maintain a healthy gaming culture n PUBG mobile. You can easily increase your merit points by good conduct in PUBG Mobile classic mode. Player receives 3 merits for finishing in the top 10 places and 2 merits for finishing between 11th and 50th place and single merit for 51st to 100th position in PUBG Mobile.

The only way to raise merit in PUBG Mobile is through classic matches. Once your merit falls below 60 it’s not easy to get back to 100. 100 merits in PUBG mobile have its own benefits.

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