New Explosive RPG Mode in PUBG Mobile Warehouse 2.0

The upcoming PUBG MObile 1.9 update promises some amazing new content. the leak surfaced on the Internet reveals new maps, suits and many more features to look forward too. PUBG Mobile 1.9 update brings new Warehouse 2.0 which consist of a new mode called RPG mode in the same map. Let’s discuss Warehouse 2.0 and new RPG Game mode in it.

RPG Mode

New PUBG Mobile Warehouse 2.0 RPG Mode focuses mainly on a single destructive weapon -RPG. We’ve already experienced this weapon in other game modes like Payload and Rage Gear mode. RPG is a missile launched introduced in PUBG Mobiel Payload mode last year.

RPG is an overly powerful missile added in arcaded mode. This weapon is not available in Payload mode as it’s much destructible. Developers finally decided to add a dedicated game mode for RPG weapon. PUBG Mobile 1.9 update includes RPG Mode in Warehouse 2.0. The update is yet to launch but here are some tips that can come handy in RPG Mode.

  1. RPG requires 3 seconds to load after every fire. hence, take a cover instantly after firing a missile.

2) You can grab two RPGs at once which will be helpful for you.

3) Do not launch a missile too close to the enemy as you can kill yourself with a missile explosion.

4) RPG mode is going to be an explosive arena. Keep moving constantly to avoid getting damage from an enemy.

5) This mode will also consist of a powerful special missile launcher at the centre of location. Get your hands as soon as possible. it can fire 4 rounds before reloading.

6) Avoid close combat with your enemy. This is a missile launching Mode.

Stay Tuned We’ll keep you updating about upcoming features in PUBG Mobile 1.9 update.

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