PMCO India Group Stage Day 2 Results: Team Mayhem Emerges Victor

PUBG Mobile Open Club 2020 Tournament started online in India with 32 teams taking part, divided into four groups.

Group A & B clashed on 7th February where Team Orange dominated the scoreboard with 53 points, 23 kills and x1 Chicken Dinner. However, Team Mayhem secures the top position after the Day 2 results. Mayhem scored 110 points double to that of Team Orange.

Mayhem triumph with 3 wins in 4 matches and 43 kills. Followed by Fnatic who failed to get Chicken Dinner scores, 61 points with 34 kills.

ELMT esports comes in third position after the overall standings bit behind Team Fnatic with 35 kills and 58 points.

Third round of PMCO India Group Stage will take place tomorrow. Team Mayhem already secured their position in Semi-final with their excellent performance. Only 16 teams will qualify for Grand Finals of PMCO Spring Split India 2020.

Who do you think will make it to Grand finals on Top? Let us know in comment section.

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