PUBG Mobile: Domination Mode 5 Hidden Spots for Camp

PUBG Mobile officially launched Season 11 on January 10,2020 with many new features including new Evoground Mode -Domination Mode. This new mode will be same as Call of Duty:Mobile. Players main objective is to capture an area and hold it in the face of enemy fire to achieve domination victory.Domination Mode is set in a new map called Town.

Here I’ve brought you the Top Hidden spots in PUBG Mobile Domination mode.

Above the Metal roof in Base B

Its also a good hidden spot to kill our opponents. This is located in Base B, low Metal roof on the avenue nearby road.Players can reach here by climbing up the iron crate on the corner. You can easily kill the enemies rushing towards the base B from here.

Ceilings of Black House

Black House ceilings are one of great hidden spots in this mode.Players can climb over the ceilings jutted out from the walls of the Black House and shoot down enemies.Shelters gives us good wide vision on base C.

Wooden Crates in Base C

This hidden spot is located near Base C on the wooden crates under the eaves.Its best place to hide in base C where eaves above us benefit us as cover advantage. Players have to climb over the crates ,lay and camp down your enemies.From here you have a great spot to spectate to opponents and kill them down.Also its difficult to get killed even after getting spotted by enemies.

Low roof opposite to metal roof

This hidden spot is located to center of ‘Town’ Map.Players can easily spectate the corresponding bases,camp and kill enemies.

Covered Crates in Base B

Covered crates in Base B is one of good spots.Crates are located near Base B on way to Base A covered with green canvas.Players can get over it and lay down to hide and kill.

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