PUBG MOBILE: MP5-K & Zima In Vikendi Everything To Know

PUBG Mobile is one of the best Battle royal game out there.The new PUBG MOBILE update 0.15.5 titled “Fury Of The Wasteland” bring some minor changes in game

Along with new TDM map – The Ruins, new weapons and vehicles like MP5-K and Zima are introduced in Vikendi Map.The MP5-K is new sub-machine gun in Vikendi map replacing vector.The gun fires 9mm ammo has higher fire rate than Vector. MP5-K is strong weapon with damage point of 33 and 495 damage per second. MP5-K muzzle velocity is quite higher than vector i.e 380m/s.It is an ideal weapon for short-range or medium-range combat .

Armored UAZ replaced by new vehicle Zima in Vikendi. Zima is a 4 seater car perfect for squad rush, snowy hills and forest.The health of this vehicle is 1800, and the normal speed is about 100 km/h. with max speed 115 km/h and can be destroyed by gunfire.

Go get a Zima ride with your Squad and do let us know about the update

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