PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 to feature New Weapons

Pubg Moble is one of top Battle Royale games on Android & iOS devices. Pubg mobile update 0.16.5 recently rolled out with many new features and in-game items.

According to sources,the new patch of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update is in the beta testing phase right now.Developers are collecting feedback from players in test servers in order to fix the pot holes and polish it.The latest 0.17.0 additions may include Amusement Park and the New Cold mode.

As per leaks,the test also include new weapons like UZI Pro and DBS. Both the weapons are about to feature in PUBG Mobile soon.UZI Pro as the name suggest is an updgraded version of present Micro UZI.UZI Pro was previously added to PUBG PC version of game in Season 4. UZI Pro can hold lesser attachments such as a holographic sight or red dot, which gives player an advantage in close combat.

The next weapon along with UZI Pro is DBS (double-barreled shotgun), we know shotgun have a greater damage and hard o use in PUBG Mobile. DBS is a powerful shotgun with higher damage useful in close combats. DBS uses 12 gauge ammo, with 26×9 damage per shot. As it is a shotgun, the effective range of the DBS is just 100m that makes the use of scope on it useless.

More details will be revealed soon as wet get closer to new Season.Stay tuned for more Tech Updates.

Let us know in comment section,what do you guys think about new gun?

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