PUBG Mobile vs BGMI 1.5 Update 5 Notable Differences

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile global version recently received the latest 1.5 updates. The update was released on PUBG Mobile before BGMI features the Tesla collaboration. Both versions received some additional changes and contents in-game.

PUBG Mobile and BGMI feature new ignition mode and new features like Tesla Y series vehicles, the Tesla Giga factory, Hyperloop transportation, and new weapons in the 1.5 updates. Even though both the titles are very much similar, there are also certain differences in-game. We’ve mentioned the 5 such differences between PUBG Mobile vs BGMI 1.5 update below:

Release Date

The release date of 1.5 update on both the title varies. For PUBG Mobile, the update rolled out on 9th July, whereas BGMI received the update on 13th July. So, the global version players get to experience the new update earlier than Indian gamers.

Finished vs Killed

Another notable change in Battleground Mobile India includes the difference in terms of display of elimination. As you know, PUBG Mobile displays the term killed when you bring down your opponent. But, BGMI avoids the use of such phrases in-game, instead, it uses the word “Finished.”

F/D vs K/D ratio

With the above changes in phrases like killed and Finished, BGMI respectively also changed the initials to F/D. F/D displays the finish to defeat ratio. And, In PUBG Mobile global version K/D stands for Kill Per Death Ratio

Hit effect

The global version of PUBG Mobile offers several colours for players including red to set as the blood hit effect. But, Battlegrounds Mobile India features green Hit Effects, unlike the global version. The changes in BGMI is implemented to make the game friendly for kids. It also offers to choose between shades of green and yellow.

Damage effect

The damage effect in PUBG Mobile is red which imitates the blood coming out. PUBG Mobile players can also apply the crimson damage effect. While BGMI avoids this visual and only features a green and yellow effect. Another feature to make the game friendly for everyone in the country thereby avoiding further issues.


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