PUBG Mobile is Tencent’s best battle royal game on ios and Android devices.We got to see some minor changes in PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 update. New weapons,vehicles and companion system is introduced.

Now,How to unlock this new Companion system?

Get the Falcon manual which can be easily fond and has 3 hidden tips on edge of handboook as Exclamation ! mark that allows you to unlock rewards.

After completion of manual we will be able to claim rewards on the third page. Particularly, you will receive 2 Companion Shard and Falcon Avatar Frame. This event last from November 11 to November 24.

We can unlock and level up companion by playing 5 matches everyday to get 5 companion shrad which can be used to exchange for Companion Food to level up your companion. Falcon has a maximum level of  5.

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