Top 10 Android Games of April 2020 – FREE Download

Aprils has come to an end now, and we covered some amazing list of games to play during lockdown.Let’s have a look at TOP 10 Android Games of April 2020

10 Stick shadow

Stick shadow is an action Android game that allows you to play as your favorite superhero from fromDragonBall Z. Game features an arcade mode with great graphic and smooth gameplay. Select your warrior and get into battle arena. Stick shadow offers lists of DBZ characters having unique set of skills. It is one of best offline games to play in April 2020.

9 Zombie: DEAD CITY

The walking zombie: Dead city is a first person shooting game that challenges you to get rid of the mobs of zombies that will for sure try to eat you. Game offers good arsenal of guns, machine guns and shotguns available to you to help you fight back. Play and earn more coins to get new guns or improve the ones you have.This is a really entertaining action game that includes a simple but addicting gameplay.

8 Gun Game

Gun Game is a first-person shooting game where you battle online. Luckily, there’s a huge amount of arsenal available to you that’ll help you get rid of all your enemies. Fight and clear levels to earn rewards that can be used to upgrade your weapons. Game offers decent graphics with a simple and not so accurate control system.

7 Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is a new shooting action android game where you will play one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse, and you will have to face the undead if you want to survive. Make your way through a full story mode and survive in a world of zombies. Zombie Survival offers most realistic and amazing graphics that you can’t experience in other zombie shooting games. This is a must download offline game for Android in April.

6 Bleach: Immortal Soul

Bleach: Immortal Soul is a 2D action adapted from the anime series Bleach.It’s a Japanese style “side-scrolling beat ’em up RPG.” Gameplay is very simple. On the left side of the screen, you have direction buttons to move left and right, while on the right, you have action buttons and a button to jump. As you unlock new special skills, you’ll get more buttons.Levels are pretty short, lasting only a minute or two. That said, you’ll still have to face off against all kinds of monsters and an occasional boss. Between levels, you can unlock new characters to add to your collection or level up the characters you already have.


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5 Respawnables Heroes

Respawnables Heroes is a genre-defining tactical Hero Action game .Game offers excellent graphics and smooth control featuring PVP multiplayer 4v4 matches. You can build your own heroes and put them into action with lots special skills and abilities. Unfortunately, game is available only for iOS devices.

4 R.B.I Baseball

R.B.I. Baseball 20 is a Sports android game made by MLB Advanced Media. This is a arcade baseball action game. Form up your team and challenge others in a brand new pitching, batting controls. Game has various elements like power up to swing for the fences or play it safe for contact, improved graphics and detailed textures in-game makes it one of excellent sports game to play in April.

3 Ghost Racing: Formula E

Ghost Racing: Formula E is a live racing game with an excellent graphic where you experience the tracks of Formula 1 circuits. It’s a well-designed gameand all the vehicles and the elements included in the circuits are 3D. The speed sensation is really effectively transmitted seems like a real. Get ready to dominate the scorecard by crossing the line first.

2 Project RIP

Project RIP Mobile is an Action game which is getting popular nowadays in mobile games category. The game sends us to an aggressive world in order to destroy demons and fight evil. This is a new dynamic and bright game. Players can improve and upgrade your subordinates. This applies to strength, equipment, and abilities. It is the best game to play in April with separate missions of different levels, excellent visuals and graphics

1 Urban Legends – Survival

Urban Legends – Survival is a horror survival game set in the medieval era of Kathmandu valley where you are bound to encounter various urban legends through a glitch in the matrix. You have to survive the various situations given in game to keep progressing and unsolve the mysteries, discover a portal that takes you back to your comforting reality. This is the best high level graphic game to play on Android devices which could keep you stuck on chairs for long.

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