Top 10 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips & Tricks 2021

Call of Duty Mobile is Activision’s bestselling first-person-shooting multiplayer mobile game. The title offers different modes in-game like team deathmatch, capture, bomb defusal, and Battle-royale mode as well. It features COD mobile battle royal mode, multiplayer mode, and team deathmatch mode. Let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks to improvise your gameplay.

1 ) Choose the correct character class:

COD Mobile has in all 6 character class – Medic(2 boosts),Scout(2 boosts),Clown(summon zombies),Ninja(muffled footstep noise),Mechanic(can launch EMP drone) & Defender(Can Flash shield).Each class has its own advantages during game-play so wisely choose your character class based on your game skills.

2 ) Upgrade your Weapons:

Upgrading your weapons frequently in a game as you move forward will give you an upper hand. The upgrade allows you to equip your gun with various sights, foregrips, magazines, and stocks which makes your weapon stats better as you gain experience. Upgrade boost the weapon stats that may give you an advantage over enemies.

3 ) Manage loadouts:

You can have multiple load-outs in various locations that might help you to coordinate better & switch guns quicker as per need. Loadouts are only available for multiplayer modes. Keep changing and upgrading your loadouts periodically.

4 ) Shooting mode option:

Call of Duty Mobile has two Shooting mode options- Simple & Advanced mode. Simple mode fires your gun automatically while you aim at enemies, sometimes may expose your locations. I generally recommend you to use advanced mode if you’ve played another battle royal game. The advance mode doesn’t fire while you aim at enemies and lets you spectate them without exposing locations.

5 ) Crouch and Slide:

Crouch and slide give you the advantage to fire at your enemies while dodging their bullets. To make your character slide as he crouches, tap on the crouch button while he’s running. This may help you to dodge bullets and change locations.

6 ) Glide to avoid Damage:

In COD Mobile our character has a feature to glide while falling from heights. Glide gives us the ability to avoid messy situations during battle and incur less damage. Use glide wisely to get out of battles and avoid fights.

7 ) Stick with teammates:

Sticking along with teammates is the best thing to do in Battle royal games. You always have an advantage over enemies. Sticking with mates gives you support and backup during battles that may let you win a lot of matches.

8 ) Use headphones:

Sounds play a major role in such games. Making full use of it to improve your game-play it helps you to spot enemies quicker and know their whereabouts. Depending on your reaction time you can spot & kill your enemies quickly.

9 ) Know about your locations:

It must be difficult at the start but once you’re familiar with your location you and hideouts, make proper use of knowledge and kill enemies. The better you know better your gameplay.

10 ) Give cover and revive your Team-mates:

Always stick around your teammates and provide them cover when needed. Revive feature in COD Mobile allows us to revive our friends so make the best out of it. Pick up their dog tags and you’ll be able to revive them. Don’t risk going outside the ring for them, though.

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