Top 5 Assualt Rifles of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the best mobile game for Android and iOS devices. This game has dominated the Indian mobile gaming market standing on top. Over 20 million people in Indian play PUBG Mobile daily just to fill their hunger with Chicken Dinner. Let’s have a look at best assault rifles in PUBG Mobile.

5 AUG A3

AUG A3 is another assault rifles only found in Crates has its own weakness and strengths. AUG has the same damage rate as M416 41 but the exceptional handling with proper attachments make this gun unique from all. The major drawback of AUG is its reload time. Gun loads 5.56mm bullets and deals maximum damage upto 70meters.

4 M762

Beryl -M762, the addition of this gun in PUBG Mobile update is the best thing ever happened for mobile gamers. The gun has a greater damage of 46 close to AKM and GROZA. It loads 7.6mm bullets and is the best gun to carry for close combat. However the base damage of this gun is slightly lower as compared to other 7.6mm rifles. But, it won’t matter if you’re a skilled player.


AKM was a beast once at the start of PUBG MObile but the damage rate of this AR has been lowered now and deals the damage same as Groza. One needs a great recoil control skill to handle this gun. Its most useful gun in close-combat. The gun loads

2 M416

M416 favorite of many never fails to amaze us with its excellent performance and has one of highest firing rate. M416 allows a great amount of flexibility and it’s beast with proper attachments. The gun loads 5.56mm bullets and offers a damage rate of 41. M416 is the most liked assault rifles of PUBG Mobile.

1 Groza

We all Know Groza is the king of assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. It’s a rare air-drop gun that loads 7.62 mm bullets with a one of highest firing rate beside M416. However, it only comes with a scope and magazine slot, and a unique muzzle slot that can only equip a suppressor. Groza deals a damage of 47 now, in the latest version the damage rate is lowered by 2. Groza has a flaws too .i.e. its reload time of 3 seconds apart from this..its an amazing gun to carry in PUBG Mobile. As always Groza still sits on Top.

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