Top 5 Best Quality Android Games of April 2020

The world is fighting against corona outbreak and we are all stuck at home tired of same routine and playing same games on our Android devices. Technobrotherzz brings you some Best Quality Android Games to Play in April 2020.

5 Project Silver Wing

Project Silver Wing is a Japanese action shooting game played as a third-person perspective. This is a high quality graphic game where you battle and shoot down enemies in various maps. Game offers several customization options with an arsenal of weapons. Project Silver Wing is a must try best quality game in April 2020.

4 Kick-Flight

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Kick-Flight is a 3D action game that features mid-air battles, allowing complete freedom to fly anywhere on the field. Kick-Flight is a 4v4 action game developed by CyberAgent. Players can control the characters with different personalities by tapping or swiping on the screen to compete with the other team. The characters can fly in the air and release killer moves. Collect crystals as much as possible within three minutes, and the team with more crystals will be the winner of the battle.

3 Raziel Action RPG

Raziel Action RPG is a 3D action RPG that takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world that lets you choose between two different adventurers: a warrior or a sorceress. Your aim is to face a mob of monsters and zombies that are threatening to get rid of the last remaining survivors. This is a spectacular RPG that offers a really entertaining and straight forward gameplay and excellent visuals.

2 Ghost Racing: Formula E

Ghost Racing: Formula E is a live racing game with an excellent graphic where you experience the tracks of Formula 1 circuits. It’s a well-designed gameand all the vehicles and the elements included in the circuits are 3D. The speed sensation is really effectively transmitted seems like a real. Get ready to dominate the scorecard by crossing the line first.

1 Bleach: Immortal Soul

Bleach: Immortal Soul is a 2D action adapted from the anime series Bleach.It’s a Japanese style “side-scrolling beat ’em up RPG.” Gameplay is very simple. On the left side of the screen, you have direction buttons to move left and right, while on the right, you have action buttons and a button to jump. As you unlock new special skills, you’ll get more buttons.Levels are pretty short, lasting only a minute or two. That said, you’ll still have to face off against all kinds of monsters and an occasional boss. Between levels, you can unlock new characters to add to your collection or level up the characters you already have.

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