Top 5 Exclusive Cars in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is the remastered version of three classics. The game became the favourite topic of discussion on the Internet after the official release. GTA cars are always the main attraction for players. The game features some of the exclusive cars which are not easily obtainable in-game. This article, mentions the Top 5 Exclusive cars in GTA Trilogy Definitive edition.

1) Phoenix

Phoenix is the most exclusive car in GTA Trilogy which can only be found on San Fierro races. The car does not spawn naturally at places, if you want to drive this car you need to start the San Fierro Hills race. To get it in-game take the car to Pay’n’Spray in Doherty when the race begins. fail the mission by getting out of the car for at least 30 seconds. Once done, you will be relocated to the race selector location with Phoenix. Enjoy the good ride.

2) Euros

The second most exclusive car on our list is the Euros. To get your hands on this car, you have to complete the first 2 car export lists. When don you can find the Euros parked at the entrance of the “Camel’s Toe” in Las Venturas. If the car is locked on spawn use a tow truck to get it to your garage.

3) Romero’s Hearse

Romero’s Hearse is mostly used to transport a coffin. It is the hardest vehicle to obtain in GTA Vice City. Romero’s Hearse is the long black wagon-like car that only appears during the mission “Two Bit Hit.” This car does not spawn on a map. You have to fail the mission to get it in your garage.

4) Deluxo

To get your hands on this popular GTA version car from the ‘Back to the Future movie trilogy, you have to perform a task. Complete the first garage checklist at Sunshine Auto in GTA VC. You do not have to spend a single penny to get this car. However, above mentioned method is the only way to obtain this vehicle in GTA VC.

5) FBI car

FBI car in GTA III is basically, the Kuruma, painted in all black. To get his vehicle you have to do a 5 star wanted level rampage until FBI cars start showing up. Right then, kill the FBI officers and steal the car. FBI car do not spawn naturally in-game, 5-star wanted level rampage is the only way.

Which is your favorite Exclusive car in GTA Trilogy Definitive edition?

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