Top 5 Fastest Racing Cars in GTA Online 2021

GTA Online is widely popular for an incredible collection of flashy cars and vehicles. The game has numerous amazing cars of all shapes and sizes. Racing cars not only offers acceleration and speed but is also extremely useful during missions. Every player should at least own one fastest racing car in GTA Online. In this article, we’ve picked up five racing cars in GTA Online 2021.

5) Grotti Itali GTO

Grotti Itali GTO is a better choice in racing cars in GTA Online. It is the fastest as well as the sexiest sports car with monstrous acceleration. Grotti Itali GTO performs brilliantly and will take off on off-road tracks. The top speed of this car is 205.59 km/h. Grotti Itali GTO has brilliant handling, acceleration and it is a reasonable buy in GTA Online.

4) Ocelot Pariah


Ocelot Pariah is an impressive sports car with decent acceleration and great handling. The max speed of Ocelot Pariah is 218.87 km/h. Ocelot Pariah offers a lot than other cars at $1,420,000. For a newbie in GTA Online, Ocelot Pariah is an affordable option.

3) Benefactor Krieger

GTA Online car

There are various reason to pot for Benefactor Krieger in GTA online. It is the fastest racing car in the game with thunderous acceleration, great weight distribution and handling. Benefactor Krieger is an absolute beast by all counts and measures, this is a monstrous car with a top speed of 204.79 km/h.

2) Benefactor BR8


The second on our list comes the Benefactor BR8. It is a supreme racing car in GTA online, perfect for all kinds of races. Benefactor BR8 is the most amazing sports car in GTA Online, this car roars to life on track. This beast offers an impressive top speed of 197.55 km/h.

1) Grotti Itali RSX


Grotti Itali RSX is the bestes ever racing car in GTA Online. It is the newest and most expensive sports car in GTA Online. The Itali RSX is part of the Cayo Perico Heist update. Itali RSX looks amazingly cool and is a speedster. It offers an unbelievable max speed of 217.74 km/h, greater than all the other racing cars in GTA Online. The cost of Itali RSX is $3,465,000. All the features and experience of this car make it worth every penny in GTA Online.

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