Top 5 Incredible features in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft “Java” and “Bedrock” edition are two major versions of the game. If you are new to Minecraft, you must have heard about both the versions. Both versions of Minecraft offer similar gameplay experience, but they also have a few key differences.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is designed on C++, while Java Edition is made using Java. These versions have tons of differences. While many would argue Java edition is better than Bedrock edition as it is the original version of the Minecraft However, there are few Incredible features in Minecraft Bedrock edition. Find them out below.

5) Skins

Minecraft Bedrock edition provides way more impressive 3D skins than Java edition. Bedrock players can enjoy some amazing cosmetics which are not available in Java edition. You can use 3D skins with features like wings, horns, tails, and many more. There are also free 3D skins available in the Bedrock edition, you can also purchase some if you want.

4) Dyeing with cauldrons

Another great exclusive feature in Bedrock edition is that players can dye leather items using cauldrons. Moreover, you can make a variety of different colours in cauldrons by mixing one dye with another. Players can also make tipped arrows by adding potions to Cauldron.

3) Add-on support

Mojang offers official add-on support in Minecraft Bedrock edition to encourage creativity among players. The reason official modding API for customization in Bedrock edition.
Whereas, Java edition do not have official add-on support even though it provides tons of resource packs and mods.

2) Baby Mobs

Baby mobs are incredible but common feature in Minecraft Bedrock edition comparatively Java edition has less baby mobs in game. While Hindi Bedrock edition players can find baby variants of squid and dolphin. Similar bodies like a dolls but a big head and small body.

1) Block placements

Placing block at the age of building bridges in Minecraft Java edition is a very hectic task but in the minecraft Bedrock edition the blocks get place automatically at the edge. To do this, players just have to place blocks in front of them in the air.

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