Top 5 New Android/iOS Games of April 2020

Mobile Gaming is getting better at every coming months with new interesting games released. Until now 2020 introduced us to a lots of great android games to play. Lets have Look at some good games to play in April.

5 Buddy Jumper

Buddy Jumper is an arcade game with simple gameplay and graphics yet so enjoyable. The game has a simple rule to tackle your enemies and move forward jumping. It also includes various potions to boost our gameplay and skills. Character posses a special ability dematerialize enemies with fireballs or jumping on them. Collect coins and clear all the levels until 40.

4 Gun Game

Gun Game is a first-person shooting game where you battle online. Luckily, there’s a huge amount of arsenal available to you that’ll help you get rid of all your enemies. Fight and clear levels to earn rewards that can be used to upgrade your weapons. Game offers decent graphics with a simple and not so accurate control system.

3 Urban Legend Survival

Urban Legends – Survival is a horror survival game set in the medieval era of Kathmandu valley where you are bound to encounter various urban legends through a glitch in the matrix. You have to survive the various situations given in game to keep progressing and unsolve the mysteries, discover a portal that takes you back to your comforting reality. This is the best high level graphic game to play on Android devices which could keep you stuck on chairs for long.

2 Respawnables Heroes

Respawnables Heroes is a genre-defining tactical Hero Action game .Game offers excellent graphics and smooth control featuring PVP multiplayer 4v4 matches. You can build your own heroes and put them into action with lots special skills and abilities. Unfortunately, game is available only for iOS devices.

1 Naruto Slugfest

Naruto Slugfest takes you in a shinobi world of Naruto, Game is adapted form Naruto Shipudden seriesand has various element from the series. It is is an online roleplay game that reunites you with Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and the rest of the characters. Here you basically have to complete your missions in order to acquire experience and new equipment. This is an excellent MMORPG that completely submerges you in this popular anime.

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