Top 5 Offline Android Games of April 2020 – Free Download

Mobo gamings are dominating the Android markets nowadays. Technobrotherzz are back with best offline Android games to play in April 2020. Check the list below:

5 Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood

The third installment in the ice cream series is here to kidnap you. Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood is a first-person horror game where you have to rescue your kidnapped companions is an excellent sequel with solid graphics, precise gameplay, and a truly scary atmosphere. Plus, it has tons of puzzles and different scenarios. It’s a must try game for your android devices.


DEAD RAIN 2 is a 2D action platformer where you play a survivor of a zombie apocalypse who has to withstand attacks not only from the undead but also from other survivors with malicious intentions. Games features adaptive controls, dark and interesting setting with very cool low poly graphics. This is a must try action game for your Android devices.

3 Eternity Legends

Eternity Legends is an action game that takes you in a battle between two futuristic gods. This is a fast-paced game with exciting elements, tons of entertainment, and amazing combat between countless enemies. Eternity Legends gameplay is similar to other RPG games with futuristic advance settings and graphics.

2 Urban Legends – Survival

Urban Legends – Survival is a horror survival game set in the medieval era of Kathmandu valley where you are bound to encounter various urban legends through a glitch in the matrix. Survive the various situations given in game to keep progressing and unsolve the mysteries, discover a portal that takes you back to your comforting reality. This is the best high level graphic game to play on Android devices which could keep you stuck on chairs for long.

1 Sins Of Miami Gangster

Sins Of Miami Gangster is a third person action-adventure and open world crime game. You are put in the shoes of a gangster who have to complete mission in Miami kills gang members steal vehicles and ply your role as a criminal in an open-world environment with great graphics and smooth gameplay controls. This is a must try best offline games if you’re a GTA fan.

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