Top 5 Real-Time Strategy Android Games 2020

Hey are you Real-Time strategy games fan? and looking for some best ones to play during lockdown. Check the list of Top 5 RTS Android Games 2020.

5 Art Of War 3

Art of War 3 is an RTS where players get in front of an army to do battle against both the AI and other players from around the world. Art of War 3 draws directly on PC classics like Command and Conquer, Dune, and Total Annihilation. Select your troops manually and control them. Art Of War 3 is an excellent RTS with outstanding graphics and an enormous amount of content.

4 DomiNations

DomiNations is a strategy game where players control a civilization from its beginnings up to the space race. This titles is strongly inspired by Clash of Clans. Players can build their town however they want – houses, mills, mines, warehouses, barracks, watchtowers, etc.It is an interesting strategy game that, even if it doesn’t bring anything innovative to the genre, does introduce some fun like COC.

3 World of Empires 2

World of Empires 2 is another real-time strategy game on Android with lots of in-game elements. Develop and create your empire, recruit the soldiers and LevelUp as you advance. Not only defend your empire but also attack enemy’s empire and emerge victorious. Get going and rule the world by conquering.

2 Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a management strategy game where players create their own medieval fortress. You construct buildings and recruit soldiers with the aim of defending themselves from enemy attack. Expand your empire’s borders, collect more resources and recruit more soldiers. It is a social strategy game that, despite its apparent ease, offers hundreds of different events.

1 Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a strategy game where you play lord and master of a historical city where you also need to become a lord of war. Fight thousands of players from around the world and turn your city into one of the most thriving in ancient history. Develop, evolve, preserve, and protecting your economy while producing resources. Level up, defend and defeat your enemies. This real-time strategy game has everything you could wish for.


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