Top 5 Uses of Pufferfish in Minecraft

Pufferfish has an excellent flavor and can provide an unrivaled gastronomic experience. It is a type of luxury seafood dish that is widely encountered in restaurants. 

Pufferfish, like its real-life counterpart, is venomous in Minecraft. Although they have some of the most amusing appearances in the game, they have some of the best uses that should not be overlooked.

1) Feed wolves

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can feed the little wolves with the remaining Pufferfish. Giving a Pufferfish to a wolf can help it heal. On the other hand, this will not affect the pace of growth of baby wolves in Minecraft.

2) Bucket of Pufferfish

Many players are unaware that the Pufferfish can be scooped into a bucket. In deep lukewarm, lukewarm, or warm ocean biomes, this monster will spawn in groups of one to four.

To be more specific, you can just swim up to one Pufferfish and place it in a bucket. A “Bucket of Pufferfish” prompt will display on the screen once you have successfully caught the fish.

3) Making Potion 

Crafting the Potion of Waterbreathing is one of the most prevalent Pufferfish Minecraft applications.

When you combine a Pufferfish and an Awkward Potion in a brewing stand, you’ll get a Potion of Waterbreathing. When fighting an Ocean Monument or building an underwater base in the game, this Potion comes in handy.

4) Used with Cats

Despite the fact that pufferfish aren’t often used, they are useful in some stages of Minecraft.

Players may be thrilled to realise that gifting their cat a Pufferfish will cause them to leap from their beds, chests, and other places.

Pufferfish can also shorten the time it takes for little kittens to mature into adults.

5) Trading

Fishermen would agree to exchange one to four Pufferfish for one emerald in Bedrock Edition. In Java Edition, fisherman, on the other hand, usually buy four Pufferfish for one emerald.

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