Top 5 Video Games in 2021 with Massive Playerbase

Video Games has become one of the biggest industry around the globe. Moreover, the gaming scene significantly rose to a great height in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. Many video games saw exponential growth from last year whopping a large number of players. Do you know the Top 5 Video Games that have an enormous playerbase?

In this article, we’ve mentioned the Top 5 Video Games in 2021 with Massive Playerbase.

Counter-Strike: GO (1.2 Million)

Though it’s been eight years since the release of CS: GO, it is still growing strong. Counter-Strike: GO is one of the biggest successful FPS game. The game created a benchmark with its reputation as well as Esports presence which is massive. Counter-Strike: GO has a huge player base of 1,198,581. As the game is available for free now, there’s hardly any game that can dominate CS: GO.

Minecraft (1.4 Million)

Mojang’s famous block building and adventure game Minecraft is the best selling video game of the decade. Since its inception, the game dominated on all the platforms and still stand strong against all the title. The game unexpectedly rose to heights, has millions of playerbase around 1.4M.

Crossfire (8 Million)

Smilegate Entertainment’s Crossfire is the third game on our list. The game unexpectedly garnered millions of player. Now, it stands among the Top 3. Crossfire is a clone of Counterstrike and its main player counts come from Korea. Recently, the game developers partnered with Microsoft to release a new version of Crossfire in 2021. 

League of Legends ( 8 Million)

Riot Game’s League of Legends is the globally popular MOBA to stand second in our list. As per reports, the game has over 8Million player base around the world. However, it’s no surprise as the League of Legends tournament is one of the most popular Esports in the World.

Fortnite (12.3 Million)

Fortnite is among the best battle royale game on all platform. It gained popularity as soon as it hit the market. Fortnite has a huge player base on all the platforms and popularly known for its create and destroy mechanism mixed with the battle royale concept. As of now, the game has over 12.3 million players around the globe.

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